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Jumbo Home Loan

The qualification requirements for high-value mortgages are stricter in some ways and more flexible in other ways.

Buy Something Magnificent

A jumbo loan is a mortgage that exceeds the conforming loan limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

You’re not the average homebuyer, and you certainly aren’t looking at any old average home. You’ve got plenty of wealth set aside — just not quite enough to pay for the whole thing in cash!

Live Above the Limit

It’s possible to get a mortgage amount in the millions if you have the right income, credit and savings.

Though jumbo loans have an extra qualification requirement for cash reserves equal to a certain number of mortgage payments, other requirements can be a little more flexible than they are for conforming loans, depending on your situation.

Is a Jumbo Loan right for you?

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Choosing the Right Loan


Alex had his sights set on a state-of-the-art home with a waterfront view, so he knew from the get-go that he would need to get a jumbo loan. Before applying, he made sure that he had enough cash reserves in his bank account to cover 12 months of estimated mortgage payments.

Conforming Loan Limits in High-Cost Areas

Conforming loan limits vary by county and recently rose effective January 1, 2017, for the first time in ten years.

As of 2017, the conforming loan limit in most parts of the United States is $424,100, making a loan greater than this a jumbo loan.

The limit is higher in certain areas where housing is more expensive.

  • Denver, CO: $493,350
  • Seattle, WA: $592,250
  • Los Angeles, CA: $636,150
  • New York, NY: $636,150
  • Juneau, AK: $636,150
  • Honolulu, HI: $721,050