Daniel King

Lead Writer

More About Daniel

Daniel has built much of his life around the craft of writing. He came of age as a part-time student at Nova Southeastern University and a full-time employee of the campus library, where he completed his first novel during the quiet evening hours at the circulation desk. He met the woman who would become his wife there as well.

Daniel capped his Bachelor's Degree in Humanities with a paper analyzing the film adaptations of All Quiet on the Western Front, and shortly thereafter he went to work for a publishing-services company called Scribe Inc. After learning how to convert print sources into e-book HTML format and other archival forms of XML, he sought editorial training and rose to the role of copy editor / project manager.

In this capacity, he was fortunate to spend years getting paid to read and improve academic monographs. This informal education left him with expert knowledge on sundry topics and nourished his lifelong interest in economics, history and sociology.

The birth of Daniel's daughter compelled him to return to school, and he attended night classes at NSU for three years, finishing projects in technical writing, pedgogy, fiction, poetry and screenwriting to earn his Masters Degree in Writing. From there, he and his wife decided to try the expatriate life, and they enjoyed a short residence in Bogota, Colombia, where Daniel picked up conversational Spanish.

After returning to Florida, Daniel performed technical writing and other functions for the administrative offices of NSU, completed his second novel, and then finally applied for the position he holds today. He lives in Orlando with his beautiful wife and daughter.